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We have collaborated closely with Dettol Nigeria, a leading brand in hygiene and cleanliness, to deliver impactful campaigns that raise awareness about personal hygiene and promote germ-free environments in Nigeria while promoting Dettol’s distinctive range of products. Our collaborative efforts have contributed to a positive shift in behavior and created a healthier and more hygienic Nigeria.


For the Dettol Monsoon Season campaign, we crafted a highly captivating digital narrative to enhance consumer awareness and education. Our objective was to emphasize Dettol’s relevance among its target audience during the rainy season, highlighting its exceptional 100% germ kill credentials.

By delivering simple yet relatable creative content, we strategically established a strong connection with consumers and emphasize the importance of using Dettol bathing soap during the rainy season.


The “Harmattan Season” campaign epitomizes our company’s unwavering commitment to protecting families and promoting a healthier environment. In partnership with Dettol, we embarked on a mission to address the unique challenges posed by the harmattan season, where the prevalence of germs escalates, posing significant health risks to families.

Understanding the Harmattan Season:
The harmattan season, characterized by dry and dusty weather conditions, presents numerous challenges for health and hygiene. During this period, families face increased vulnerability to various ailments caused by germs thriving in the environment. Recognizing the urgency to address this issue, our collaboration with Dettol aimed to provide comprehensive solutions while raising awareness about the importance of hygiene practices in combating germs.

Interested in having the us take a look at your
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Interested in having the us take a look at your brand and provide some valuable feedback?

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