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Durex is a leading brand in sexual health and wellness, known for its high-quality condoms, lubricants, and other products. With a bold and playful communication style, Durex has become a trusted name among consumers worldwide.

By creating highly engaging content, executing digital campaigns, and formulating marketing strategies that broke talkability barriers and challenge conventions around sexual wellbeing, we were able to keep Durex’s open and curious audience engaged, while promoting their products and services.

We were entrusted with managing Durex’s brand reputation and online presence, and we also spearheaded several special campaigns for events such as Valentine’s Day, World AIDS Day, BlueZone Conversations, and the launch of the Mutual Climax product, among others. Our campaigns were carefully crafted to drive engagement and promote conversation around sexual wellness, while staying true to Durex’s brand values.

Blue Zone Conversations

As part of our efforts to integrate Durex into people’s lifestyles and establish a clear point of difference in the sexual wellbeing category, we partnered with TokeMoments, one of Nigeria’s leading podcasts, to launch BlueZone Conversations. This four-episode series was designed to encourage open and authentic conversations on topics related to relationships, sex, and lifestyle.

Through our partnership with TokeMoments, we were able to reach a wider audience and drive engagement with over 200k views, 5 Million listens and more than 100k social media impressions.

Moment of Passion

We leveraged on the tension and high anticipation of the 2022 World Cup to deploy contextual moment marketing to connect with Durex’s primary target audience and drive engagement.

The campaign was based on the simple idea that both the passion felt during great football and great sex are the same hence the key message “Different Games, Same Passion”. Our communication was built on this very idea and executed through subtle banters, wordplay, contextual and witty messages all through the football season.

With a compelling 30s OLV, influencer partnerships and moment based creatives, we had.

Interested in having the us take a look at your
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Interested in having the us take a look at your brand and provide some valuable feedback?

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